Friday, May 9, 2014

Easter Pics

I am cursed when it comes to getting good pics of the kids! :) Seriously! Several months ago I bit the bullet and scheduled to have professional pics of the kids taken before Lathen had his surgery. The day of  the pictures Lucy and me came down with a nasty stomach virus and Lathen got pink eye. We ended up having to cancel. Then fast forward to Easter Sunday. I dressed all the kids up super cute and was determined to get some pics despite the fact Lathens hands were in casts. Well, Lucy had a different plan. She screamed the whole time!!! There was a small window of time where Blaine got her to smile and I thought I got a few nice shots. Afterwards I looked at them on my camera and they seemed good. Then I got home and put the camera card in my computer and they were completely gone along with the last 400 other pictures from the previous month. I tried everything to find the pictures, but they had mysteriously vanished. I then googled how to recover pictures on a memory card and found a program that could find deleted pics. After running it several times I was able to recover about 100 of the lost pics, but most of them were corrupted! :(   In the end I recovered a handful of pics that turned out ok. I am more than sad, but I learned the hard lesson to reformat my memory cards before using them. Here are the few Easter pics that I got!

Love my Easter babies, even my over the top dramatic one!

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